Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZyGain® Complete?
ZyGain® Complete is the state of the art Androextender® coupled with our all natural herbal supplements and when used together are guaranteed to enhance your size. This package not only helps to enhance your penis size, but it also aids in erection strengthening, heightens sexual arousal and sexual pleasure. The supplements incorporate aphrodisiacs that help to increase penis fullness and girth, as well as boost sexual energy and performance.

How does the extender work?
The extender is based on the simple principle of positive tension. By safely and continuously stretching the various anatomical parts of the penis with proper instructed use, achieving increased length of the penis is the goal.

What is the minimum age to start using ZyGain® Complete?
We recommend that the ZyGain® Complete is for use by adults over the age of 18 only.

Does my penis have to be over a certain length or thickness to use the extender?
The minimum length of the device is 2.25″ and fully assembled the device can be as long as 10.25″. Both circumcised and uncircumcised men can comfortably use the extender. It can safely and effectively elongate the erectile tissue of your penis. Used consistently, and by combining the supplements with the device, they will also increase your sexual pleasure and as your body resists the constant tension of the extender you can also build permanent length!.

Are the results from this system permanent?
The results are ongoing and permanent and when the extender device is used consistently over time, the erectile tissues multiply and strengthen with each session. In fact extender clients that have used this device for a long period of time are amazed by the results they are obtaining!

How long will ZyGain® Complete take to work?
ZyGain® Complete will begin to work instantly. Noticeable changes start  after a few weeks of daily use and you should achieve desired results in usually 12-16 weeks.

Are there any health risks involved with the extender?
No, when used correctly the extender has no known side effects or health risks. Please follow the included directions for optimal results.

How do the ZyGain® pills work?
The ZyGain® pills work to enhance your two erectile tissue chambers in your penis to hold more blood during an erection, thus working to make your erection much larger in size.

Are there any negative side effects with the supplements?
The ZyGain® supplements are designed to increase the blood flow to your penis so we recommend that men with high blood pressure should not use any type of herbal male enhancement supplements.

What are the Ingredients of the ZyGain® Supplements?

ZyGain® Capsules are a proprietary blend that combine 100% natural ingredients formulated according to the principles of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

L-Arginine HCI, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Catuaba, Tribulus Terestris, Korean Red Ginseng, Maca Root, and Saw Palmetto.

How do I take the ZyGain® Capsules?
Simply take 1 easy to swallow capsule per day.

How Much should I Start With?
Most of our clients start with at least a 3-6 month supply as this will give your body enough time to utilize the supplement to its fullest potential. Simply add additional supplements to your ZyGain® Complete package for greater savings. See our ordering information for packaged deals.