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Ever wondered which one of the top two methods works best? Penis pills male enhancement supplements or a penis extender? Why not combine both methods and get the best penis enhancement possible?

Finally, a complete male enhancement package that will help give you larger & harder erections, increased stamina and more importantly help you regain your sexual confidence and desire. By combining the top penis enlargement method with the best male enhancement supplement, we have created the ultimate male enhancement system.

What Does ZyGain® Complete Include?

The ZyGain® Complete system includes everything you need in order to achieve a larger, fuller and firmer penis in the fastest possible time. The ZyGain® Complete package combines the best selling ZyGain® pills with the world’s number one penis extender: AndroExtender®

Not only will you get the best penis extender device that will help lengthen your penis, you will also receive the most potent penis enhancement pills available that will give you larger girth. One more reason why ZyGain® Complete is the best male enhancement system on the market and it is guaranteed or your money back.
Sure, you can still purchase each method of ZyGain® enlargement on it’s own but just remember that the complete package is the best bang for your buck!

Top Supplements

Enhancing the Penis Girth:
ZyGain® capsules contain the necessary ingredients that promote healthy blood flow to your penis. These ingredients help fill the corpa cavernosa (two bodies of erectile tissue on each side of the penis) with blood, making the penis girth enhance in size while erect.

ZyGain’s® potent herbal ingredients acts to widen and elongate these tissues by allowing more blood to enter, resulting in a thicker penis, a larger erection, and a more satisfied partner!
Simply put, this method develops your erectile tissue. It goes to work on the chambers in your penis and allows them to hold more blood. This safely enhances the size of your erect penis.

 Best Extender

Increasing the Penis Length:
The extender device uses traction or positive tension to assists the body’s natural ability to adapt and change under physical influence. When you wear the extender, the tissue in the penis is slowly stretched.
As a result of this expansion the cells in the tissue divide and multiply to fill the void. This expansion creates an increase in the actual mass of the tissue and blood cells.
This process will naturally allow more blood to flow to your penis and give you longer, harder and firmer erections and the best part is that the results are permanent.

Complete Package

The ZyGain® Complete system was designed to combine both of the best methods or penis enlargement into one system so that achieving the goal of permanent male enhancement in both length and girth was obtainable.
There are many sites claiming that each method on it’s own can increase both girth and length of the penis, but we have found that for the most part this is not true.
Our research proves that the extender has produced more length than width and that the capsules or pills have produced more girth than length. Combining them was the only solution to get the results most men are after.

Money Back Guarantee

You can buy any ZyGain® product and try it for 180 days risk free! We are confident that ZyGain® Complete will deliver what it promises 100% Guaranteed! This is the reason why ZyGain® Complete is the best rated male enhancement system in world. 

Clinically Proven & Medically Backed

The most prominent doctors in the phalloplasty and penile health industries agree with our customers that extender devices are proven to work and will help give you the results you desire.
The AndroExtender® device has been designed for comfort, safety and carries the CE (European Stamp) of approval and will help increase your penis size, as well as improve curvature of the penis for men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease. Order now and Get the Results You Deserve!


How ZyGain® Complete Works

There are 2 main parts to the ZyGain® Complete system. The Androextender® device (traction) and the ZyGain® Capsules (herbal supplements). Each one of the two methods work very well when used on their own but in order to get the best results we have combined them both into one easy to use system.

The History and Uses of Traction.

The use of traction or weights to enhance the penis is based on the principle of tensile force and the body’s ability to adapt under such influence. This principle of has also been practiced for over 2,000 years by various cultures around the world. The neck lengthening exploits of the Paduang tribe of Burma is a well-documented example of such practices. As well as the lip and earlobe stretching practices of certain African tribes.

The practice of hanging weights from the penis has been suggested as the method of penis enhancement by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The practice is likewise evident in certain African tribes such as the Karamojong of the northeastern Uganda . At puberty, a Karamojong boy was said to hang stone disks from the tip of his penis. More and more disks are added until it reaches to about 20 pounds by the time he is a teenager. By then, his penis could measure up to 18 inches or longer.

The Androextender®, a specially-developed traction device, is based on the same principle, although modernized and relatively safer. The extender comes with a specially-designed ring made of plastic material that is assured to fit ergonomically every penis size and a plastic and silicone holder that is fastened around the penis head. Between the ring and the holder, two dynamic metal bars are attached applying an adjustable tension between 1.5 and 3.5 lbs. The extender can be used any time of the day for various time intervals, as you please.

What Kind Of Results Should I Expect?

When you use the ZyGain® Complete System as directed, the results will amaze you. Simply put, we believe the system is the best one on the market and the results will continue for as long as you wear the device and take the herbal supplements.

The more you use the product, the better chance that you will achieve results beyond your wildest expectations.



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